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Center Information Management

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CIBMTR Center Information Management

To keep things flowing smoothly, it is important that the CIBMTR has the most accurate center and data management staff information possible. Currently, there is a two-step process for maintaining FormsNet users' information. Both steps must be completed for each FormsNet3 user. For other staff or center changes, simply notify us and we will update your information. 

Updates to Center and Staff Information

We need to keep your staff and center information up-to-date in our database. Having correct information will allow access to the CIBMTR Portal applications and ensure your staff gets important announcements and training information. CIBMTR staff don't see the User Access Form account request submissions; they go directly to the Service Desk. The Center Personnel Change Form is no longer completely functional for managing CIBMTR center staff. A new system is being developed, but in the interim, please send us your updates. All changes in center and staff information must be submitted or approved by your center's primary contact or medical director. Updates can be sent to our center maintenance email address - - or your CRC. Please include your CIBMTR center number (CCN) in all e-mail correspondence. Examples include:

  • New staff members
    • Full name, email, and job role
  • Changes in job roles at the center
    • Is someone taking over as primary contact?
    • Is there a new medical director?
  • Departing staff
    • If applicable, include information about who is taking over their role
  • Basic contact information changes
    • Name, title, job role, email, etc.
  • Center changes
    • New center address, change in transplant types performed, etc.

FormsNet Access

The User Access Form is submitted to create a new user account. After the account request is submitted, a SecurID is sent to the new user if access to FormsNet3, FormsNet2 (or another Be The Match application) has been requested. The new user or Research Center Primary Contact must call the Service Desk to obtain the username and password. Some individuals (medical directors, IRB PIs) may not need to use FormsNet. It is not necessary to complete the User Access Form for those people.

The User Access Form is also used to modify or delete user accounts, update names and email addresses in applications, and to maintain security roles.

User Access Form

An outgoing primary contact must use this form to transfer the primary role to another user prior to departure - the new primary or an interim primary. Not doing so will result in loss of access to the data management staff maintenance tools. If that happens, contact your CRC or email us at If you do not have contact information for your CRC, you may click here to look it up.

Note: Only the person with the primary contact security role for the CIBMTR Research Center will be able to use the password-protected form to manage research center staff. Once logged into the site, click on "My Account" and find the User Access Form link under "Manage Users" on the right side of the page.


Last Updated: 4/5/2016 10:51 AM